15-Point SAFERhome Standards

Criteria SAFERhome Standard Description
8 Standards
1 Exterior Thresholds All exterior thresholds are flush.
2 Interior Thresholds All interior thresholds meet minimal code constraints (eg. shower entrance).
3 Doors (pinch points) All doors and pinch points are a minimum of 34″ but ideally 36″ wide.
4 Hallways All hallways are a minimum of 40″ but ideally 42″ wide.
5 Washroom Wall Reinforcements Reinforced with 2×12″ solid lumber in all washroom tub, shower, and toilet locations.
6 Wall Reinforcements
(Top of the Stairs)
At the top of all stairs, walls are reinforced with 2×12″ solid lumber at 36″ to centre.
7 Multistory Connection Provision Either an allowance for an elevator options in stacked closets or build all staircase(s) with a minimum width of 42″.
8 Sink Cabinets Cabinets underneath each sink are easily removed.
4 Standards
9 Light Switch Positioning All switches positioned at 42″ to the centre of the electrical box from the finished floor.
10 Electrical Outlet Positioning All outlets positioned at 18″ to the centre of the electrical box from the finished floor.
11 Electrical Outlet Placement Locations Beside windows, especially where draperies or blinds may be installed.  Bottom of staircases.  Beside the toilet.  Above external doors (inside).  On front face of kitchen counter.
12 Four-Plex Outlet Locations Placed in master bedroom, home office, garage, utility room, and recreation room.
3 Standards
Bath and Shower Control Positioning All controls are offset from centre, roughly 1/2 way between the historic centre location and the outside edge of the shower or tub enclosure.
14 Waste Pipes All pipes are brought in no higher than 14″ to the centre of the pipe from floor level.
15 Pressure/Temperature
Control Valves
(Canada for renovations only) Control valves are installed on all shower faucets.