SAFERhome Benefits for Builders

  • Integrated easily and affordably into all building projects
  • Invest into an aging customer market base who are looking for new housing solutions
  • Increase profits

Membership fee and registration as certified SAFERhome builder $1275. Annual membership $475 per subsequent year.

Builder benefits include:
    • Builders who successfully review and complete the online orientation program are recognized as Certified New Home Builders
    • Web link from SAFERhome site to builder site
    • Promotion of their company and their projects on SAFERhome site
    • Exposure and promotion at all the events/home shows SAFERhome attends
    • SAFERhome Certification for Single Unit $450 and Multi Unit $400 per unit. Discounts on unit certification are available based on volume.
    • Design and language support to marketing and on-site building support to trades
    • Ongoing Article’s to update their web sites
    • SAFERhome training for staff
    • Become recognized as a Universal Design builder
    • Members who are currently ASTTBC or RHFAC recognized can become SAFERhome Inspectors
    • Become known for building a better and more sustainable home
    • Open your marketing to 30% more buyers
    • Enhanced image
    • Increased profitability through value added construction standards
    • Eliminate the need to build non marketable social housing in projects

Become a member of SAFERhome Standards Society today.
Complete the SAFERhome Builders Registration Form for your project.

SAFERhome Certification Inspection Fees
Tyoe SAFERhome Certified – Gold
Single Family Residence $450 per single family residential
Multi Units (condos) $400 per unit condos

Making homes that look better, work better and are worth more!