Criteria 13 –
RG-6 Coaxial Cable Runs

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Criteria 13 – RG-6 Coaxial Cable Runs:  All homeruns return to one central area. (Node  Zero)

Whether you have a local cable company which insists on doing the pre-wiring for you or one that still trusts you to do your own, cable is an important aspect of the overall plan.

Homes with cables tied to the outside of window sills, patched up, and painted over, etc. are downright inefficient.

Cabling, like telephone wiring, should be on individual direct runs to Node Zero. For the extra $30 per run, it is much better than having shared lines. Line loss, cable technologies, and the distribution of Internet services via the cable require clean, undiluted runs.

We recommend you use RG-6 Quad shielded gold low-loss cable for all of these applications because it’s the current industry standard for all new technologies.